Joshua Bethea, JD*, LLM

Former Hospitality Specialist with a focus on fine wine and French Cuisine. Researcher with special focus on Crypto/Blockchain regulation and public policy.


Joshua Bethea is a tax research consultant who delights in helping small business owners get everything they are legally entitled to from the federal government. Josh is a policy whiz who loves engaging in discussions on interesting and important topics. He is a former fine dining hospitality expert with a focus on French cuisine.  

He graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor's degree in political science.  He earned his J.D. with a tax certificate from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida in 2020, and his L.L.M. in tax from Boston University in 2021.  

When he isn't helping small business owners, he enjoys cooking, fishing, martial arts, and hanging out with his baby daughter.

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